Monday, 2 December 2019

Lorde Summer Learning Journey 2019


  1. Kia ora Cherry

    It is lovely meeting you! I am so excited that you are joining us for the Summer Learning Journey 2019-2020. Have you done this programme before? This year I am so excited that I get to read & reply to the Manaiakalani blogs, last year I was in the Kaikohekohe cluster. So this is my second year with the Summer Learning Journey! I’m really looking forward to summer, aren't you? In my spare time I like spending time at the beach and hanging out with my friends.
    I also love taking my dog for walks although only in the early mornings or late evenings as it is getting quite warm! What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

    I absolutely love how you have created a mind map to show use the 5 different facts about Lorde, or as i’ve found out from your blog ‘Ella Yelich O-Connor’. It is so important to keep your blogs interesting and you have done excatly that!

    Just a quick note, I cannot see your post of the ‘smilie’ task. Please remember to keep either a folder of all your posts or share them with my email :) I have requested access.


    1. Hi Georgia I already send it the simile task in your email thanks for commenting

    2. Perfect I got it! Awesome work Cherry :)