Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Invitation to a Function

Today we are learning to create an invitation and we also consider the design to have a good work and the hard work that we made. This Invitation is important for me because I want to be special for my parents and to make my parents proud of me.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Explanation Writing

"The Admirable Family"

      A good family is always kind and respectful with each other. They are always honest and never lie. We always tell the truth, that's why we trust and respect each other even if we are doing the wrong thing.

In my family we are always loyal to each other even if we are fighting for one thing. We always tell each other our problems and our family supports us to make the right choice. My family always
supports each other and always protects each other. We are very loyal! 

      When it comes to having a good family honesty is very important. My two siblings and I are always honest with each other. We trust each other and know that without our parents we can still work together to our fullest potential. We always trust each other and we always love each other. 

     Being kind to your family not only creates deeper connections and stronger bonds, but it also
teaches children the importance of being kind to others! Being kind to the family and each other is a great way to spread the joy and love of the community.

      As part of my family, we always sing any of our favorite songs, my mother and father could share
their favorite songs and we always sing it too. When we know the song we have fun singing it and sharing it with the rest of the family. The songs that we sing are so relatable for us because they are our favorite songs especially when we sing them in Tagalog and even English songs.

    My Family always respects each other and even the other person that we do not know. There are
things we do not understand but we still encourage each other to never repeat the mistake that we
have made. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The Treasure Box

   The Treasure Box

     We are getting panicked at our village. We grab our own things and leave to find a new place to live. While we are walking from our village, we can smell the smoke from burnt books coming from the library. I was with my father looking for my mum who has been taken by the soldiers, I realise that my mum is gone. We are scared for our village and our futures.

     We are walking from our village we hear the soldiers that they are still throwing a bombed into our village. When we are leaving to our village, the soldiers are still bombing our village. As we walked down the road we rested and slept and my father handed me a book and he said to me “ Promise me you will keep this treasure safe” and I said “ I promise that that I would keep this Treasure safe.”

    When we are still finding a new village we are tired so we just rested and slept. My father is sick so I take care of him. I leave him alone and ask other people if they are ok but they say they are fine. When my Father dies we bury him and continue our journey to find another village. The people from our village tell me to leave my treasure behind but I didn’t, I chose to leave my suitcase instead. The treasure is very important because it’s about people and must be saved. 

     As we are walking and walking, the treasure is getting heavier and heavier. I find a Linden tree and bury the Treasure. I say to myself, “here, it would be safe from the bombs and fire.” After I buried the Treasure I went back to my friends.” 

     During the following years, as I grew from a boy to a man in a beautiful country, I was happy to see that I come back to the village when I was a little boy and I never forgets about the memories that I have, I returns as an adult to learn more about myself. As I grew up in this village I want to know what happened and I want to know if my friends are still here or they moved to another village. 

    When I reach the Linden tree, a young girl is swinging from it’s branches. The little girl is disappointed that the box doesn’t contain treasure, but I explain that the book, and the story is more important than any treasure and I tell the little girl “this book is about us, about people, it is rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver and greater than gold.”  
    When I’m going back to the village we escaped to I pass my father’s grave and I remember all the memories that we have when his still alive and he never leaves me alone from the start and I’m sitting with him, crying and talking to him about what happened to me and when I was growing up when I was growing up when he was gone by my side. I go back to my home where all my people are, I see the new and colorful buildings in our village. People had returned to rejuvenate the buildings that were bombed and burned. We are so happy that we have a place to stay and a home to sleep. I remember my father when I was a little boy, I realise that my father is gone and I want to keep my memories with him. I want to be happy and I don’t want to be sad for my father. 

    In my village a new library has been built. I place the book back on the shelf, where once more it can be found, and read, and loved.
                                                               The End!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Monday, 16 September 2019

Nude Food

Room 8 are going nude at the Manaiakalani Film Festival this November!
Nude Food is a food that is unwrapped that means it is not packaged. 
Nude Food is food that is homemade and healthy.